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Meridian Stump Grinder

“The Green Hornet”

We just added a Brush Bandit 2550 Stump Grinder to our fleet!

  • remote control
  • track mounted
  • hydrostatic driven
  • 52″ sweep
  • fits through 36″ gate
  • grinds up to 15″ below ground surface

We are so excited to have this new stump grinder & our Meridian Idaho customers love it too!

Jack chose the Brush Bandit 2550 after just 1 demo. It was clear that this was the right fit for our tree stump grinding needs. The machine is a beast and we named it “The Green Hornet”. It packs a punch and can grind on hillsides and steeper terrain than other grinders its size.

I can now stand from afar and remotely grind stumps which allows me to see exactly where I need to grind. I am also able to grind right next to buildings and right up to concrete, sidewalks, fences, etc. This machine improves our services and ability to better serve our stump removal customers and we are thrilled to have it.

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A stump grinder is a power tool that removes tree stumps by means of a rotating cutting disk with lateral teeth, that chip away the wood as the wheel spins and grinds from side to side. The Brush Bandit stump grinder has a hydraulic drive which allows more power to the cutter wheel and higher precision in grinding stumps. It also has a 52″ sweep & can grind up to 15″ below ground surface, which improves our ability to grind large, hardwood stumps. Once the stump is ground all that is left is mulch which can be used in beds or left to decompose and plant grass seed.

We had a large cherry tree stump to grind (pictured above) between the sidewalk and street. Cherry is a very hard wood. The harder the wood the longer it takes to grind and the harder it is on equipment. This Cherry stump had a large root that was growing into, up and over the sidewalk and our new Bandit stump grinder allowed us to completely grind the root system and stump without damaging the sidewalk or any of the carbide teeth on our stump grinder.

The Brush Bandit 2550 motor sits separate from the cutter head and with the remote control I can see everything & access even tighter spaces. The before and after pictures say it all, from beginning to end, the stump is gone and the homeowner can plant flowers and will not have to try and mow around this stump any longer.

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