Stump Grinder Rental 101: 5 things to consider before you go rent a stump grinder.

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  1. Estimates are free so call your local stump grinding service before you rent a stump grinder.
  2. Size of Stump Grinders for rent? How many hp and how deep can it grind?
  3. Size, location and kind of the tree stump you will grind? All 3 matter.
  4. Cost to rent a stump grinder, including insurance, fuel, pickup or delivery.
  5. Call in locates (811) to ensure no utilities are hit while operating the rented stump grinder.

Bottom line…Not all stump grinders are created equal. Stump grinder rental is expensive, the machines are not powerful enough to perform complete stump grinding and 90% of the time you will save money by hiring a professional. We know because Stump Removal NW has been Boise’s #1 pro stump grinder for hire since 1998 and we get a lot of calls from clients who already tried to grind their stumps using a rented stump grinder.

Cost Of Stump Grinder Rental Near Me

  • Stump grinders available for rent will have dull and/or broken teeth, low horsepower and cannot grind deep enough to fully remove the root system.
  • The rental cost, insurance, time and fuel, will be equal to if not more than hiring a stump grinding professional.
  • Most stump grinders for rent are under 24HP and will beat you to pieces when you try to grind the stump. The harder the wood the worse the beating.
  • Boise Stump grinders for rent (We’ve called Tates, Lowe’s & HomeDepot to compare rates and grinders.) The highest horsepower stump grinder for rent is 24hp and cost $180-400 a day. These are NOT commercial machines with the power needed to successfully remove stumps and roots.

If you have a stump or combination of stumps 25″ in diameter or less, our rate is $225. We call in locates, show up, grind the stump to completion and save you time, hassle and heartache. If your stumps are larger, just call Jack for a free estimate before you go out and rent a stump grinder.

stump grinder rental near me

The reason you cannot rent a commercial stump grinder is primarily because of liability. For example: Our Vermeer SC70TX Stump Cutter is an $80K remote control machine with 52″ swath, 32 carbide teeth and a turbocharged diesel engine. When it comes to renting a stump grinder the rental companies are not going to spend, nor send you off with no experience running machines like this. Plus the rental cost would far exceed what you would pay a professional stump grinder for stump removal services.

  • If you’ve ever run equipment, it’s not rocket science but there is a technique to improve results, speed up grinding & successfully grind deep enough without hitting utilities.

Still not convinced that hiring a Boise stump grinder is a better option than renting a stump grinder in Boise?

Call To See If We CAN Save You Time, Hassle & Money

STUMP REMOVAL NW: 25 years of stump grinding experience using top-of-the-line stump grinders…no matter the size, location, etc. Arborist, Jack Walker has yet to meet a stump he could not successfully turn into mulch. Even excavated stumps that were too large to fit in dump trucks and be hauled away are no match for Stump Removal Northwest and everyone who hired an excavator wished they called us first.

In 25 years, time and time again our clients have told us that hiring a pro was way better than Stump grinder rental.