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From removing stumps next to home foundations to grinding large exposed root systems, we have more than 25 years of experience & several specialty stump grinders to remove stumps anywhere. We always give excellent discounts for large projects. We are the premier Boise stump grinding service. We travel all over Treasure Valley and into NE Oregon so call for a free estimate.

Stump Grinding IS The Best Way

Unfortunately, for property owners stumps are often one of the toughest challenges. Stumps restrict land use, create dangerous obstacles, may result in regrowth, and are agonizingly slow to decompose. The stump removal process can be back breaking, time consuming, disrupts ground contours, dangerous due to underground utilities and may require numerous attempts to burn. This is why hiring an experienced stump grinding service with the proper equipment IS the best way to rid your land of any & all stumps.

Fortunately, over the past 25 years Jack Walker, the owner of Stump Removal Northwest has yet to meet a stump he couldn’t grind! SRNW is family owned by Jack, Dani & their son Trent Walker. We have several stump grinders which offer a quick and effective method of removing stumps well below ground level in hard to reach areas & multiple concentrations. No matter the size or location we can grind them all. For larger areas and multiple stumps we offer hefty discounts. We bid each project by scope of work, land layout, number of stumps, access, etc. so it is best to give Jack a call and he will schedule a time to come out and give you free quote.

No need to chop, burn or break your back digging when you hire Stump Removal Northwest to professionally grind your stumps!

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Meet Your Stump Grinding Surgeon

It is a hefty title but one that truly explains Jack’s skills and abilities to grind stumps of any size, in any location with precision.

Jack grew up in the woods with his grandpa and began his arborist career in 1995. In 1998 he started his own tree care business & became an ISA certified Arborist, climbing, pruning and removing trees all over Oregon and Washington. In 2015 he sold the tree care business to his brother & started Stump Removal Northwest Inc to specialize in stump grinding & lot clearing. After 25 years climbing and pruning trees he is finally GROUNDED!

Jack has the experience, the equipment and the skill to surgically remove any stump, anywhere. He is the guy who answers the phone, meets to give you a free estimate & grinds the stumps while Dani (his wife) takes care of marketing and bookkeeping.

We love working together to help improve customers curb appeal and pride ourselves on 100% satisfaction which is why we give 1 free call back.

Stump Grinding Estimates

Jack knows the tree care industry from the inside out and can be very helpful in choosing the best trees to plant, the best company to call to have your tree care needs addressed, proper pruning techniques, etc.

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Jack & Dani

SRNW is proud to be a family owned and operated stump grinding service in Meridian Idaho. Jack & Dani, are a crazy couple that love to work together and have been caring for trees in the Pacific NW since 1995. In 1998 we started our own full service tree care business. In 2015 we sold it & started Stump Removal Northwest to focus on stump grinding, land management, forestry mulching, light excavation and site prep. Our son Trent Walker is our right hand man & a helicopter pilot too!

From removing stumps right next to home foundations, up on terraces, or large exposed root systems, we have the professional equipment to grind it all! Jack loves the challenge of taking care of a tough stump so you don’t have to.


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