stump grinding vs stump removal

We’ve experienced it all in our 25+ years of stump grinding. Our company is Stump Removal Northwest Inc and we grind stumps! So what is the main difference between Stump Grinding vs Stump Removal?

First of all, grinding stumps is a way to remove them and we think it’s the absolute best way. There are many different ways to remove a tree stump. Dig it out with an excavator or shovel, pull it out with a piece of equipment, try to burn it or chop it out and all of these will cause harm to the surrounding landscape to say the least. Some stump removal options are more efficient and effective than others. So let’s talk about stump grinding.

Why Grind A Stump?

Stump grinding IS the better way! Grinding stumps ensures that the tree does not grow back, ends the need for back breaking digging, time consuming burning and ineffective, expensive chemicals that take forever to really work. Stumps are NOT easy to get rid of using these stump removal options.

Stump removal clients have tried to burn their pesky stumps out with kerosene, they’ve tried to cut it out, chop it out with an ax, dig them out with shovels and excavators. We’ve even had people try to pull the stump out with their tractor and finally after all the frustration, they call us!

The process of grinding a stump is done with stump grinder machines that grinds into the wood of the stump and chops off small pieces using VERY sharp teeth as the grinder head travels back and forth horizontally in swaths across the stump as shown in this video.

You can rent a stump grinder and try to grind the stumps yourself, but we recommend getting a free estimate to see what it would cost to have an experienced stump grinding technician come out and do the heavy lifting for you.

Renting a stump grinder can cost more than hiring a stump grinder. When you rent the grinder you want to make sure the teeth are sharp, the grinder is the right size to access and grind the stump below ground surface. You also need some experience to make sure you are able to run the machine without hurting yourself, others or your yard. So be careful and consider all options before you go out and spend money to rent a stump grinder for stump removal.

Grinding Stumps For Stump Removal

At SRNW Stump Removal Northwest Inc we’ve been professionally grinding stumps in Ada County, Treasure Valley, Idaho, Oregon & Washington communities since 1998. We always give free estimates, do all utility locates, ensure customer satisfaction and have 5 star reviews to prove our ability to effectively grind stumps using our expert stump grinders.

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boise stump grindingHere is Jack at SRNW grinding a large stump with our remote control stump grinder.

“We thought it would be easy to take care of the roots after cutting down a cherry tree. Many hours/days later we still had a firmly established stump. So when I saw Jack at work for an elderly family friend I decided to ask for a business card and I’m so glad that I did. We had other stumps and roots to deal with. Jack was professional, prompt, reasonably priced and ABSOLUTELY worth it. Without his help and expertise I’m sure we would be looking at stumps for years to come. It was also super fun for my kids to watch him in action with his tools making all the stumps disappear. Jack even came out on a day when it had snowed since I said I had really been looking forward to getting the work finished if possible. I would definitely call him again!” ~Monica Roeger

We hear stories like this all the time. Clients think they will chop the stump out or cut it for stump removal but the time as well as the blood, sweat and tears causes them to call us for proper stump removal by grinding the stump out with professional stump grinding equipment. We have also had several clients who hired another pro and they only ground the stump down a few inches instead of 12-15″ below grade.

Stump Removal Northwest Inc

We are professionals with 25+ yrs experience and the right equipment to grind the stump and root system out completely, saving you the pain and hassle of trying to remove the stump yourself.

If you have stumps that have been there for days or years, we can grind stumps of all sizes, in the tightest places, even rooftops and terraces. Proper stump grinding requires a licensed, bonded and insured company with the right equipment to come out and grind your stumps below ground surface to remove any and all tree stump systems.

Stump grinding isn’t expensive. People have even rented stump grinders and tried to grind their own stumps out. The cost to rent a stump grinder is around $300 plus pickup/delivery fees and many times this is more expensive than calling a professional, the grinders are rentals and are not maintained properly, you are not skilled in how to run the equipment, nor know where to grind or how deep to make sure the complete stump is ground.

Just call a professional stump grinding service like us for a free quote and rest easy knowing you will never have to mow around that pesky stump again.

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