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Stump Grinding Cost Per Inch:

The calculation for the cost of stump grinding per inch varies by company but all you need is a measuring tape and calculator to figure out a close stump grinding cost.

Some stump removal businesses may charge by diameter, time and materials and they may add extra costs for chasing roots or grinding deep below ground surface. The root system can be large and when ground can save you from having to dig them out later so make sure to ask your stump grinding service if chasing all the roots is included in the estimate.

NOTE: A good stump grinding business should always grind up to 12″ below surface to ensure complete removal of the stump, otherwise you are going to have to dig out what is left or have another company finish what they started.

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We have the professional equipment and experience to completely grind stumps up to 15″ below surface, chase roots and access hard to reach places where others can’t. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded for your protection.

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Stump Grinding Cost & Root Chasing

We do our best to make sure the entire stump is ground before leaving the site. Our stump grinding services include all utility locates to ensure safety and we will grind roots if you want us to. Chasing roots will tear up your lawn but also ensures no water sprouts or future heaving that you must mow around or deal with later. You can see in the picture how we chase roots to remove entire system. On rare occasions the mulch will cover some of the stump and we always come back to grind out what is missed, at no charge, so you don’t have to worry about that with us.

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Stump Removal Northwest charges $3 per inch and can usually give a discount for grinding more than one stump depending on conditions like the location of the stumps, how easy they are to access, etc. All of these things can make the stump grinding cost per inch vary and that is why we always give no obligation, free estimates.

Stump Grinding Cost Per Inch Calculations

The way we calculate how much it costs per inch to grind a stump is to take a diameter measurement at the widest part of the stump. If the stump flairs out at the ground, we measure from side to side to include the flair diameter. See photo below. The stump in this photo is 33″ at ground so we use this in our formula to calculate the how much it costs to grind the stump. Should there be roots you also want chased then there will be a small extra fee involved.

The stump grindings make excellent mulch but now and then clients want it removed. We provide this service at a small extra fee.

Should there be some tree trunk that needs cut off we rarely charge extra but depending on circumstances, there may be a small charge to finish cutting to ground.

We have a $120 minimum charge & offer veteran, first responders and senior citizen discounts. We always give free estimates and if you have downed tree trunks, wood debris, logs, blackberries or brush you also need to get rid of, give us a call and we will come out and give you an estimate!

Stump Removal Northwest serves Portland Metro areas and Vancouver WA. Want to know the stump grinding cost per inch for your tree stump removal?