Recent Projects

We specialize in reclaiming land of brush, trees, stumps and prepping for any project so you can use the space immediately! ~ Jack Walker

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Do you have a tree stump grinding you want to be completed? Are you ready to reclaim your land? We’ve been helping landowners and developers prep properties for projects since 1998.

Stump Removal Northwest is family-owned, Arborist operated, we answer the call and show up to complete your project as efficiently as possible. Above you see projects that span from…

  • forestry mulching and mastication to help new landowners reclaim & create their dream views, provide fire prevention and reduce soil erosion
  • small demolition to remove old buildings and prepare for new site plans
  • tree stump grinding using the most powerful commercial grinders to get the job done right on the first grind
  • Boise small excavation to improve water flow and increase land use
  • dump truck hauling and delivery provided to residential landowners and commercial developers

We provide these services because our passion and expertise is prepping land for people who have a vision.

Land Management, “is the process of managing the use and development (in both urban and rural settings) of land resources. At SRNW we take pride in preserving land and bringing your vision to reality using the proper and professional equipment needed to do so in a timely and cost-effective, eco-friendly manner.

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