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  • Free estimates
  • Professional & courteous customer service
  • Grinding up to 12-15″ below ground surface
  • 20+yrs Arborist owned/operated
  • OR & WA Licensed, Bonded, Insured
  • CCB# 223548 – WA# STUMPRN828QM
  • We schedule all utility locates
  • 5 star ratings
  • Commercial/Residential

Stump Removal In Portland Metro & Vancouver WA

Stump Removal Northwest Inc serves all Portland Metro & Vancouver WA areas. SRNW is owner operated by Jack & Dani Walker, with 20+ yrs arboriculture experience. Jack answers your call, comes to give you a free estimate and performs all stump grinding. Jack is an arborist, retired tree climber and professional stump grinder.

Jack Walker, has been grinding stumps in Portland since 1998 with professional stump removal equipment that fits through 36″ gates & grinds everything below ground surface so you can plant another tree, seed grass or start building the same day we remove stumps. Our small specialty grinder can be used on terraces, on roof tops, steep hillsides and in planter boxes so we can literally grind any stump anywhere.

Grinding Stumps…It’s All We Do!

No matter the tree stump size or location we can remove it with the help of our specialized equipment. We grind 12-15″ below grade, get all utility locates, and chase roots to ensure complete stump removal. We also rake and blow the work site for a clean, finished look and in time the mulch used to backfill will firmly fill in the spot where there once was a stump. Should we miss something, you get 1 free call back to ensure 100% satisfaction.

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Grinding stumps of all sizes and chasing roots so you can use the space immediately is my specialty! ~ Jack Walker

Call or Text Jack @ 503-828-2932

1. Get A Quote

Jack comes out to look at access, measure stump, terrain, etc. Boots on the ground ensures the best rate! Schedule a site visit today to discuss the scope of work & receive your free, no obligation estimate!

2. Get Locates

Upon site visit, if we determine that there may be utilities near the stump site we will call 811 and schedule a free utility locate. We are notified once locates are finished (2-3 days) & come grind your stumps.

3. Grind Stumps

We remove the stumps by grinding them & backfill the hole using the mulch byproduct. We can haul away mulch for added cost but most homeowners covet the amazing mulch stump shavings make.

A Little Site Prep

We ask that the site is free of any debris, pavers, large rocks, planters, etc. We use screens and platforms to prevent damage to buildings and land and ask that lawn is not watered the day of service. It is also always appreciated when any animal droppings are removed prior to the work day.
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Professional Stump Removal Equipment & Experience

Not only do we have several different sizes of commercial stump grinders, we know how to operate them expertly and have been doing so since 1998. Renting the necessary equipment can be expensive & back breaking, especially if the project takes longer than a weekend. If you rent a stump grinder, be sure you also get the utility locates done before you start grinding! We’ve had customers forgo this and hit gas or communications lines which cost them over $10,000 to fix. We are a professional stump removal & grinding service and Stump Removal Northwest Inc has the proper equipment, insurances, bonds, experience and will get all locates before grinding your tree stumps.

Stump Removal Specialists

With 25 years experience, our stump grinding service is fast, reliable and effective. Count on us to quickly and safely restore your landscape. If you are stuck with a large open space once the stump is gone, Jack can make suggestions of what to plant and help you with the tree planting process. You can plant other vegetation in the spot, including a new tree that can complement your landscape, add a stone project like a fountain, seed with grass or start that building project you’ve been dreaming about. The options are endless.

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Call or Text Jack @ 503-828-2932