Custom Excavation Service


Stump Removal Northwest excavation service & land management solutions can handle every aspect from demolition, land clearing and grading to ensure a quick, clean job, without cutting corners. We are a small family owned operation with 25 yrs experience operated by a father/son duo.

  • Building Pad Preparation: RV pads, Pole barns, House site, etc.
  • Land clearing: Land clearing to remove all vegetation from the topsoil & prep for your build or any project.
  • Land grading: We ensure water flows away from building pad or foundation to help stabilize the soil.
  • Driveways & Roads: Any driveway installation or rehab, big or small.
  • Landscape: cleanup, grade, spread topsoil, rock, bark and gravel.
  • French Drains & Dry River Beds: Any size & made for lasting drainage.
  • Digs: utilities, foundations, ponds, sediment clean out, etc. 

Our backhoe, blade, bucket, grapple, forestry mulcher, 3 stump grinders & 25 yrs experience allow us to perform any project in a quick, efficient, eco-friendly and economical manner.


We always give free estimates. If you are in need of excavation services reach out and let’s see if we can help.

Prep Your Property For Any Project

Whether you have one lot or 100’s of acres, we know how to take out buildings, trees, stumps, brush and thickets that are in the way; and we can do it all at the same time! We offer complete land clearing services for Idaho & Oregon with no need for hauling, piling or burning slash!

  • Fuel Reduction – thinning
  • Mastication (forestry mulching)
  • Lot clearing & dirt work
  • Clearing for new roads or overgrown roadways
  • Tree felling, ladder fuel reduction
  • Stump Grinding & Removal

Jack is a 5th generation logger, tree climber and arborist with extensive forestry & tree care industry experience. We have the proper tools to clear your lot and leave the organic matter to restore soil. Stump grinding destroys the remaining stumps and root mass and reintegrates the organic material into the ground where it rejuvenates the soil, reduces erosion, and increases water retention.

We will excavate to your expectations, accommodating all other trades to follow.

  • Utility Trenching and Pipe Work
  • Ponds, creek beds
  • Driveways
  • Backfilling
  • Property grading
  • RV pads and more

Need a garden area, pond or larger parking space? How about the shop you’ve always dreamt of? We help dreams happen. Just call or text Jack for a free consultation.

Ready To Reclaim Your Land?

RECLAIM. Whether you’re a home owner, real estate agent, or commercial property owner, count on SRNW for the land clearing and reclamation services you need! We can handle everything from clearing large acreage of overgrown brush to small residential lot improvements.

  • Wildfire Prevention
  • Forestry Mulching
  • Residential/Commercial Brush Clearing
  • Real Estate Development

Mulching is a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to increase curb appeal, land value, prep for development, create a fire break and more. Call for a free estimate.

  • Free estimates, Stump Removal Boise Idaho & Beyond
  • Professional & courteous customer service
  • Grinding up to 12-15″ below ground surface
  • 25+yrs Arborist owned/operated
  • ID, OR Licensed, Bonded, Insured
  • ID RCE55564, OR 223548
  • We schedule all utility locates
  • 40+ 5 star reviews


Lot Clearing. Site Prep. Forestry Mulching. Stump Grinding. Small Demolition.
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Questions? Call Jack @ 208-477-8384

Stump Removal Northwest is your residential & commercial custom land clearing and excavation service. We specialize in tree & stump removal and sustainable vegetation management for residential, commercial, federal, city, state and county forestry and fire prevention projects. Serving Southwest Idaho & Northeast Oregon since 1998.

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